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Energy Medicine

Clearing Energetic Blocks and Creating the Energy You Want To Experience.

Track 1) (17:53)

Creating The Healthiest Happiest You:  Health is wealth, no mistake about it. What many don’t realize is that true health is first in consciousness. The role of consciousness is irrefutable in healing disease, as well as in creating a life where you thrive. Thriving is our birth right, it is available to us to the degree in which we thrive in consciousness. This audio consciously connects you with source energy and guides you through an energetic map of your perfect healthy happy self.

Track 2) (15:53)

Allowing Greater Relationships, Love, and Intimacy:  The struggles we have in relationships always stems from our own consciousness. It’s easier to blame the other and think if they were more thoughtful, a better listener, sweeter, more disciplined, richer, than our relationship would be better. This common habit leads to misery. It’s much more manageable to improve yourself than to try to improve another. All of our relationships are projections of our own consciousness.  This audio consciously connects you with source energy and asks you the right questions to unravel where your blocks are to having the fulfilling relationships you desire.


Track 3) (21:19)

Accessing Receptivity & Allowing Abundance:  So many of us are excellent givers, but we don’t know how to receive. If a friend wanted you to have her diamond necklace, how would you receive it? Would you feel bad about taking it, even though she desired you to have it?  How is your money flow? Do you allow yourself to live in great abundance? What are your beliefs about abundance and wealth? This audio consciously connects you with source energy and helps you explore what money beliefs are serving you and what are hurting you. Those beliefs that do not serve you will be deleted from your energy field.


Track 4) (18:22)

Connecting To Your Highest Self:  We each have a part of us that is immortal. It’s fascinating if we ponder it. What is our soul? What does it mean? This audio introduces you to the immortal part of yourself and teaches you how to cultivate the relationship so you can allow your higher self to guide and delight you.