I am passionate about helping people understand the body's self-healing design. A great misunderstanding is perpetuated in our culture, we see evidence of this everywhere. My work is about helping you understand that your thriving health is within your power, NO MATTER WHAT. And it's usually a lot easier than you think. Thinking and Feeling are the keys. Then the Doing is easy. You are a powerful creator.
We now have sciences that show us our psychology creates our biology. There will always be more to learn, both from what already exists in human consciousness and what has yet to be discovered. Epigenetics and neuroplasticity have basically rendered old thought obsolete that diseases are genetic codes that we have little control over, (which is the context much of the medical industry operates within).  Neuroplasticity is showing us, with powerful instruments, how neural pathways are built in the brain by our thoughts and emotions. These thoughts and emotions also translate in the body as chemicals that either build the immune system or break it down, as well as instruct a gamut of metabolic functions. This is wonderful to understand. It gives us a path and tangible power in creating the health and physical agility we desire. We can heal, from anything.
I want you to know your unlimited power so I created a show, blog and course that teaches your self healing design and how to make that work for you NOW. Blythe Natural Living teaches fabulous 5-minute raw food recipes, gluten & dairy free cooked food recipes, therapeutic home spa treatments, energy medicine, and the very best in natural lifestyle tips and suggestions.
~ Dr. Blythe
Life is magical when we consume the very best this earth has to offer, making that powerful design a part of our own.
~ Dr. Blythe
~ Dr. Blythe ~
Blythe is an entrepreneur, inventor, writer, actress, chef, natural lifestyle expert, metaphysician, wife and mother. She began learning about the power of foods to heal the body in 2006, and hasn't been able to stop sharing the wealth. Blythe views food as vibration/energy and aims to teach others the power so many have found in this wisdom.
Necessity is the mother of invention. Blythe has invented several housewares to make a healthy lifestyle even easier. She is so excited to share them with you!
More coming soon!
MoisturEyes™ Experience the cooling, calming benefits of a spa treatment, ANYTIME with MoisturEyes™ Don’t have 15 minutes to lay down to put cucumbers on your eyes, as a successful business owner and new mom, I didn’t either, so I created MoisturEyes™.
Now you can bring the spa to you while multitasking your daily activities. Wear MoisturEyes™ while working, browsing online, watching a movie, practicing yoga, cooking, reading...the possibilities are endless.