~Dr. Blythe
YOU ARE an incredible being of light, that is your nature. I'd love to remind you of your power and magnificence often!
~Dr. Blythe

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What ARE what we EAT, THINK, and FEEL. Put the highest energy foods in your body to fuel your body, mind and spirit. I make it super quick, easy and tasty to nourish yourself and your family optimally. Enjoy these yummy recipe demonstration videos and start making them right away as part of your weekly staple meals. You will feel and see a difference in yourself, that's what LIVING FOOD does, it makes you feel more ALIVE.

You will receive:
Chocolate Banana Morning Shake ~ Yes you can have chocolate for breakfast, if you do it right 😃
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Zesty Color Tacos
Raw Vegan 3 Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream