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The Star Pose For Healing

November 8, 2017
Greetings amazing being,
Hope this finds you enjoying the FEELING of your ideal self.
The greatest gift we have is total control over how we allow ourselves to feel. Although I know this is a practiced skill, and not always forthright. It comes with diligence, but the practice is fun.
Practicing our supremacy of consciousness is what we are here to do, for through this all of our heart’s desires are possible, and probable.
We have been doing this in the last several audios sent to you. This series of audio training is building your consciousness and literally building your brain neurons and neural networks for the healthiest, strongest version of you.
Consciously healing is not hard, it’s fun.
Enjoy The Star Pose.  It’s a powerful 12 minutes, when used.
As always, seeing you in your ideal,
Dr. Blythe
If you are not already in the Self Healing Group, you can join here

The audios in this series will powerfully instruct your body how to heal itself. Our consciousness is the substance of all things. Everything begins in consciousness. Use these audios to train yourself in image-making, therefore building neural pathways instructing perfect regeneration.
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