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Self Healing Audio ~ The Galaxies Within

September 15, 2017


Welcome to this community of people who know their power to heal their bodies and lives. You are an incredible being.
It’s possible to reprogram your health, it’s not even really reprogramming, it’s turning on the awareness of the blueprint that already exists, but has been built over from pollution, physical or emotional.
Enjoy this week’s session, The Galaxies Within. You can listen at that link or download it to your device.  It’s about 16 minutes long, with the last 8 minutes being focused self healing work. However use the entire time as a quiet meditation and feel the energy of what I am saying. Allow it to pass into your awareness and reveal to you your ever increasing life force power.
Enjoy doing the little bit of writing work outlined in the audio to help you identity unconsciousness that is in your way.
In addition to the audio trainings, continue to physically put yourself in the space to allow your body to self correct by adhering to The 4 Protocols Of Healing:
1) Detoxify your body
2) Build your immunity
3) Alkalinize your body
4) Oxygenate your body
I will continue to dive deeper into these areas. For this week, be sure to drink a green juice everyday if you can. Drinking a large (full vita mix barrel) of green juice daily will contribute to and even accomplish the 4 pillars I mentioned above.
Here is a simple, delicious and nutrient dense green juice you can try.
Blythe’s Breakfast Of Champions Drink.
4 kale leaves or 2 cups spinach
1 lemon, peeled
1 apple or pear
1 inch fresh ginger
4-5 cups of water
Blend in a high power blender.
If you don’t have a high power blender, I highly recommend getting one. It’s a terrific tool for health you will use daily for the rest of your life.
Blended green juice gives your body substance, so you won’t be hungry, in addition to providing you plenty of fiber to help you rid your body of toxic build up.
This drink will work to build your immune system with the many phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals present. Feel free to get creative with it and add cucumber or berries or whatever you want. The recipe above taste like a ginger lemonade, you don’t tastes the greens because the ginger and lemon are such powerful flavors.
This drink is very alkalizing, remember disease can not live in an alkaline environment. Traditional cancer treatments are incredibly acidic to the body, making healing that much harder.
The drink gives your body oxygen, as oxygen is created by and lives in plants.
Get outside and walk everyday or as often as you can. 30 minutes is enough time to pump fresh oxygen through your body. Movement is important for health. If you have something that is presently keeping you from walking, you can do pilates style moves from a laying position. You can look up ‘Floor Pilates’ on Youtube, that will guide you to some movements you can do, however try to do them outside. The combination of movement, with the fresh oxygen outside and the sunlight creates a more complete support for healing.
With that, I am sending you love and prayers that you enjoy this journey of creating a thriving body.
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With love and admiration,
Dr. Blythe

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