About Dr. Blythe Metz Ph.D.

Dr. Blythe is passionate about helping people understand the body’s self-healing design.  A great lie is perpetuated in our culture,  we see evidence of this lie everywhere.  We can heal ourselves of absolutely EVERYTHING when we give our body and mind what it needs, and when we STOP ingesting all the things that make us sick. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they are ingesting poisons in the food they eat, in the negative and limiting cultural messages they receive, and in the body care products they use.  Medical school does not teach how the body is designed to heal itself because self-healing isn’t profitable, so it doesn’t fit into the business model of the medical industry.  We go to MDs for authority on our health, but many of them don’t understand the body’s design from a self healing perspective. Therefore our culture is massively disempowered in their personal health.  This is why 2/3 of American’s have a cancer diagnosis. This need not be!  We need to understand ourselves as a GOD (source energy) technology, and work within that framework to not only heal but to thrive.


Blythe wants you to know your unlimited power so she created a show to educate the public.  Blythe Natural Living teaches fabulous 5-minute raw food recipes, gluten & dairy free cooked food recipes, therapeutic home spa treatments, and the very best in natural lifestyle tips and suggestions.


Blythe is an Metaphysician, chef, entrepreneur, actress, artist and natural lifestyle expert. She began learning about the power of foods to heal the body in 2006, and hasn’t been able to stop sharing the wealth.  Life can be magical, especially when we consume the very best this earth has to offer and when we clear away the blocks we have in our energy patterns.

Blythe views food as vibration/energy and aims to teach others the power so many have found in whole food nutrition. Blythe is also a certified hypnotherapist, and is passionate about helping people rebuild neuropathways that no longer serve them. She does hypnotherapy and energy clearing appointments via the phone and Skype, inquire at  blythe@BlytheNaturalLiving.com

Necessity is the mother of invention. Blythe has invented several housewares to make a healthy lifestyle even easier. She is so excited to share them with you! Coming Soon!