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Changing The Feeling of “I”

October 11, 2017


Changing The Feeling Of “I”

I apologize it’s been two weeks since you have received your self healing audio. The last two weeks I recorded for you in my recording studio, yet the file was incomplete when I reviewed it in my computer.
I learned a powerful guiding lesson from this.
I was teaching about detoxifying the body, building the immune system, oxygenating the body and alkalizing the body, all physical protocols to regenerate heathy cells, not the non physical protocols we have been working on in this group.
What I learned was that the audios for the self healing group need to stay focused on consciousness, because it all stems from consciousness.  If one follows all the physical healing protocols but doesn’t change the feeling of “I’, then a fast and complete healing can not take place.
So get comfortable, tune in and listen to this powerful self healing audio, for you can create the health you want in this moment and for your lifetime. EVERYTHING IS consciousness before it is matter.
If you are interested in these audios, you can sign up for The Self Healing Group free of charge here
I see you as a thriving being, full of power and beauty.
Dr. Blythe

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