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Write down three things you really love about yourself and look at it daily.

October 4, 2017


Write down three things you really love about yourself and look at it daily. For at least a month!

Yes, if you write down three things you love about yourself and place it somewhere you see it, and can focus on it for just 1-minute every day, for a month, you are creating neuropathways for self-love that will serve your health and happiness…and beauty.

Self inquiry is under-utilized. It’s fun and productive to contemplate what you love about yourself!

What we focus on grows. This is the law of the universe, albeit very misunderstood.

What we measure grows, because in the measuring of it, we are focusing on it.

If you want to run faster or further, you measure your results, and therefore, improve your results.

If you want to heal your body, focus on loving your body, mind and spirit.

If you remember and celebrate (measure) what you love about yourself, those qualities will grow and so will the resulting energetic field.

Enjoy this fun activity. I love to get my favorite colored pens and blank white paper and create something beautiful to look at every day, but feel free to write it any way you like, even typed into your phone if that’s your preferred method.

However, many more neurons fire in the brain when you write pen to paper. It’s in the focusing on it for at least 60 seconds every day that the majority of neuro-building is done. We tend to have a more significant emotional response to something we have handwritten.

I celebrate you,

Dr. Blythe

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