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An Orgasm a day,

September 27, 2017
..keeps the doctor away Blythe.
An orgasm tones up the endocrine system like no medication can, balancing our hormone levels.
Having the correct levels in your body means you have energy, a healthy metabolism, good mental clarity. It also means you will be more fertile, and protected from cancers of the ovaries, breast and testicles.
Our hormone levels are a delicate symphony that can be thrown off-key by simple things like a glass of wine, too much sugar, not enough exercise or too little sex. And by sex, I don’t necessarily mean with a partner.
Throwing hormones off-balance with diet and lifestyle leads to weigh gain, sluggishness, and much more serious conditions. There is a simple and quite pleasurable solution awaiting you…
Having a daily orgasm boosts low hormone levels and regulates high ones.
You know it’s good for you because well, it’s good, right?! A natural gift of life to be used and enjoyed.
No need to rely on a partner to provide us with this gift.
Guys don’t usually have trouble in the self-love area, but to my lady friends, if you want a suggestion for a vibrating friend to bring you to climax, my favorite products are from Lelo and their sister company Intamina.
They are made with high-quality materials and look classy (these are the things a woman wants) More importantly, they do the job.
You got the prescription, right?
To Your Health,
Dr. Blythe

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