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My Self Healing Story and a Very Special Link For You.

September 7, 2017


I see you, in your innate perfection. Do you see yourself as this perfection?
When you unconsciously and subconsciously know this truth, your body can not hold disease. You will be a match to only wellness.
Somehow I always knew this.  I remember as a kid, if I got a sore throat, I would sleep with my hand covering my throat. I was aware that I was in a sense, giving it love and energy, and I would always awake to it feeling normal again. It worked, so I used it again, and again.
My freshman year of college I contracted a dreadful virus. I was told I would always have it, that there was nothing “medicine’ could do about a virus. Just live with it. At 19 years old I was not about to settle for a life long health issue. I denied it. I simply refused to have it.  I didn’t work hard at refusing it, I just did, and forgot about it.  I have never had to deal with it again. I’ve gotten checked a few times since and I have no trace of this virus in my system. I somehow knew that I could will it away, and I did.
In my twenties I was acting pretty regularly in independent films.  I was the lead actress in a Lion’s Gate film called Nightmare Man. We had a week long, over night shoot in the woods, where most of the time I was running. At the very end of the first night, of what was scheduled to be 5 nights in the woods, I fell and twisted my ankle, bad. I felt a pop, and nearly threw up from the pain.
It swelled up sizably and was black and blue before I even arrived back at my lodging, in the arms of the medic. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but there are so many people and so much money involved in making movies. I learned early on ‘actors don’t get sick.’ You can not let down the entire production by not being there. No matter what, a main actor on a job shows up. In this circumstance, If I couldn’t do the work, it would be dozens of people’s jobs on the line and a lot of money wasted in having to reschedule.
So, as I laid down in bed at 6am to begin my rest after running around in the woods all night, I decided I didn’t twist my ankle. I remember firming deciding that I was well. I chanted within myself, ‘I am well, I am well, I am well” for probably an hour until I fell asleep.  I silently chanted from the place of feeling well, not from the place of feeling broken.  That was what created the miracle. Through sheer power of focus, I declared myself well. And sure enough, When I awoke in the early afternoon, my ankle was well. We resumed our shoot as scheduled, and the director and producer were forever grateful.
I remember feeling so connected with God in that moment. So grateful to be apart of a master design for wellness. As I have so many times since then.
I think this is the purpose of all disease or discomfort. To introduce us to our power. And not to just introduce us, but to require of us that we learn and implement the wisdom. This is how I felt connected to God. The dis-ease/ discomfort was the opportunity to get to practice self healing, and that practice and result made me feel more connected and powerful than ever.
If that ‘form’ is healing disease or creating the life you want, I know you can do it. You were given the technology, but it’s up to you to activate it and use it.
I want to be sure I’m helping everyone who is interested in strengthening their self healing facilities, so if you are someone that wants more information and audios to help you on your self healing path, please sign up for the Self Healing Group. This list will receive content solely about this topic. There is NO CHARGE, it is a donation based membership. Members are free to donate at any time, but no donation is required.
Sign up here for the Self Healing Group
So next week, those that sign up on the link above will receive the audio training.
No matter how steep the mountain, through focus you can do all things.
Until next time, feel good dear one, and drink your greens!
Dr. Blythe
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