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Self Healing Audio Session

August 30, 2017


Hi Beautiful,

I learned from the survey that I sent out in my newsletter last week that most of my readers are very interested in learning about their self-healing technology/biology.
Of course! This is vital information, and for whatever reason, we don’t learn it in our cultural education platforms. We ideally should learn this from our parents, by watching and learning by example, but unfortunately a self healing awareness is not often modeled in the home either, because it simply isn’t known.
We need to seek out this information, then we realize it was inside us all along.
I have created a brief 7 minute audio introduction to self-healing for you. You can download it and listen to it anywhere and anytime you like.
I explain in the audio that I am keeping these audio trainings brief because they are designed to strengthen your focus. I don’t want to give you a 20 minute imagineering session right away because I know truly holding the powerful focus l teach you in this audio is too difficult to do for 20 minutes, and not necessary.
When your point of focus is purely aligned with the blueprint of your perfect health, you only need a few minutes of that to begin to create the neuro networks in your brain that will self correct everything. However, you do need to repeat the exercise a couple times a day until you see the desired results. Repetition creates the hardwiring, or unconscious health, or as us metaphysicians refer to it, the self collapse of the wave function. Focus turns into form. Focus collapses the infinite possibilities into the form you focused on. In this case, your vibrant healthy loved body.
It was helpful to get a beat on how I can best serve you, my cherished reader.
If you didn’t have a chance to take the brief 6 question survey, you can take it here.
Enjoy that powerful audio session.
Until next time, don’t forget to eat and drink your greens:)
With love,
Dr. Blythe
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