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Oxygen, The Primary Nutrient Of LIFE

June 14, 2017
Oxygenation: The Third Protocol of Healing
I have a friend who was diagnosed with a lung disease and was given an Oxygen tank. When I saw her three months into her Oxygen treatment, I thought she looked at least 10 years younger. If Oxygen was improving her appearance, it must be improving all the activities of the body like liver function, digestion, endocrine function, cell regeneration, and much more because these are the functions that contribute to glowing skin and eyes. What an extraordinary observation. And yes, her lung disease went away.
Now I know why I feel so good when I get out to the Sierras…OXYGEN in richer quality and quantity than I experience in the city of Los Angeles. Oxygen bars were a fad for a quick spell, but flavoring and coloring Oxygen isn’t really what people need or want.
Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers are catching on now finally in the cancer community. Otto Warburg, a German doctor, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his research proving that cancer cells use a form of non-oxygen metabolism to survive. Oxygen provides far less fuel for cancer cells than glucose (only two energy molecules instead of 36 with sugar). Therefore, filling your body with more Oxygen is a smart and safe method to fight cancer. However, it’s not a profitable one. This is because Oxygen is clearly forever present in our atmosphere and our medical system is first-and-foremost a revenue seeking enterprise, and cancer is a gold mine.
Oxygen is curing cancer all over the place, and if it can do that, then think how it can affect your energy level, appetite, sex drive, mood, weight, and a myriad of other imbalances that require life’s richest nutrient to flourish.
I say it all the time… When we give our bodies what they need to self-heal, they will. We are extraordinary self-healing technology, but basic nutrients are required for optimal operation.
The easiest and most available way to douse yourself in Oxygen is to go outside for a nice walk, hike, or bike ride. Walking briskly pumps Oxygen through the bloodstream, bringing rich, new Oxygen to joints and organs. Let’s never underestimate the power of a good walk. I recommend at least a 30-minute walk daily. Morning sunlight is great for us too, giving us that dose of vitamin D, which is required to absorb the other nutrients we take in with food. But, get out there any time of day you can.
Breathe deeply as you walk, consciously taking in Oxygen to every cell of your body.
Enjoy the wonderful, free, powerful nutrient of life that we are swimming in.
For those that need an extra level of Oxygen treatment, research Hyperbaric Oxygen Centers in your area.
I also find Stabilized Liquid Oxygen to be quite powerful. Always use any liquid Oxygen product as directed.
To Your Health,
Dr. Blythe
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