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The 4 Protocols of Healing

May 12, 2017

Hi Beloved Friends,

I have received hundreds of emails in response to this video Natural Cancer Cures and Why We Don’t Know About Them.

I want to let you know what I’ve told so many others that have asked.

The following four protocols are beneficial for everyone’s health and can be practiced on a day-to-day basis. However, this protocol is also tremendously effective for correcting many physical illnesses, and particularly effective for correcting cancer.

1) Detoxify the body

2) Build the immune system

3) Oxygenate the body

4) Alkalize the body

A simple prescription to take a 30-minute walk and eat an organic apple every day is a great start. Walking will oxygenate and help detoxify the body. Eating an apple contributes to a healthy immune system and is a nice alkaline treat for the body.

Over the next couple of weeks or so, I will be posting a lot more terrific information on how to achieve results in each of these four areas. If you or someone you know has a diagnosis, you will want to implement most of the strategies I will be sharing. And, if you are in great health, the suggestions I make will help you maintain and exceed that for your lifetime.

These four protocols are how the body most effectively heals itself. The body is a masterful self-healing machine. This is evident as we watch our skin heal from a cut or scrape. We can heal anything if our body has what it needs to self-correct. So, we need to position it for self-correction with the food and lifestyle choices we make. We really do make magic or mayhem with our daily food choices.

More to come!

Dr. Blythe

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