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How Happy Is Your Gut?

August 15, 2017
Did you know that your brain and your colon have some of the same tissue? And that the colon also makes neuropeptides and neurotransmitters like serotonin, that effect mood and overall wellness.
We comment about the brain/colon connection when we say things like ‘gut feeling’ or “I knew in my gut’. But perhaps we didn’t realize the depth of how emotion is created in the gut.
In order for the brain in the belly to work optimally, it needs the healthy bacterial soldiers cleaning and purifying it. Many, many people suffer from not enough healthy bacteria in their colon, although unaware of the extent of the infliction.
There are thousands of possible physical issues that can and do arise when the colon is not supported with a very high fiber diet. As author and health expert, Dr. Bernard Jensen, would say, death begins in the colon.
But no worries, it’s not hard to keep your colon functioning optimally once you are aware of the absolute need to do so.
Ingesting the proper bacterial superheroes is all you have to do, and they will do the rest.
Fresh raw fermented vegetables or a nice fermented raw kvass (cultured fruit or vegetable beverage) is the best way to go.
Kombucha is good, if you can be sure that it’s truly raw and hasn’t been heated for production purposes.
Freshly made cashew or coconut yogurt, made with a culture you can find in your health food store.
I’m not a big fan of pasteurized dairy yogurts. I don’t think they offer the full nutrient power that the other options offer.
Here is a video teaching you how to make your own fermented vegetables. There are endless combinations of vegetables and herbs you can use. Find the taste you like best and make them a staple in your diet.
You’ll  see bloating, gas, constipation, acne, lethargy,  even depression, and so many other discomforts disappear. Taking care of your colon in this way takes care of your entire body, correcting many imbalances. The gut will be happy, and when the gut is happy, every body is happy.
If you need more help with quick, easy,  and tasty healing food recipes, check out my digital course Healthy Recipes In 5. On SALE NOW, until Aug 21st.
Until next time, sending you love and light, and a friendly reminder to eat your greens:)
Dr. Blythe

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ALL Protein Comes From Plants

August 9, 2017
I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a MEME the other day that read:
~A cow is a very inefficient way to turn plants into calcium~
Indeed I know that cow’s milk is NOT a good source of bioavailable calcium, it actually robs your body of calcium because it is acidic. Your body needs to take it’s own calcium to neutralize the acidity of cow’s milk. But I hadn’t fully connected that the calcium that is in the milk first came from the plants.
I have taught for years that fish oils are not the best way to get omegas. It’s much better to eat seaweed, this is where the fish get it to begin with.
Same principle with calcium and cow’s milk.
AND same principle with protein.
This protein realization is a BIG one because there has been trillions of dollars spent over our lifetimes marketing to us the message that we need animal products to get protein. The animal industries are of course who is telling us this.  Protein deficiency is not our health problem.
Our health problems stem from fiber, enzyme, phytonutrient, water, mineral, and vitamin deficiencies. All of which originate in plants.
Protein originates from plants too.
This isn’t a post to persuade you  to “go vegan,” we don’t need labels.
I just want to inspire you to eat more plants. Plants are your very best friend. They serve you in every way.
They remove what your body doesn’t want. They give you ALL the micro and macro nutrients your body needs.
For those of you that say, well what about vitamin B12, we need to eat animals to get B12, right?? I say that is a misunderstanding. B12 comes from bacteria, so the dead flesh of animals and animal products do create B12, but rather the cleaner way to get it is through cultures found in nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is non-candida forming, highly nutritionally potent, and can be sprinkled on salads, soups, baked vegetables dishes, blended in raw sauces, used as breading for eggplant or zucchini, it has many everyday uses and tastes great. Nutritional yeast can be found at Trader Joe’s now, or at any health food store. It’s often sold in the bulk bins too for greater cost efficiency.
So, let’s eat more plants, more often, and go from there. I will help!
Below is a tasty quick recipe from my pal, The Blender Girl, who has appeared on my show several times.
It’s a great way to get the raw herbs, and very refreshing for the summer time.
Get those greens in!
They are your medicine.
Until next time,
With love and light,


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Creamy Kale Pasta & The Recipe For Life Long Thriving Health

August 2, 2017


Hope this email finds you doing very well. Focused on the vision of vibrant health, present with the miraculous technology that your body truly is. I mean, YOU ARE amazing!
So, powerful self healing being…
Eat good food,
Feel love for your body and others,
Be sure to spend time doing whatever brings you joy EVERYDAY. Dance, walk, play, laugh, sing, paint, (alone and with others) commune with animals, commune with nature.
This is all we need to truly thrive in health. It’s simple. We already know it.
But it’s too easy. We think, that can’t be it.
That IS it.
That’s the recipe for life long thriving health ~
And here’s the recipe for Creamy Kale Pasta.
Pasta you say?
Sometimes we just want something decadent. Nothing wrong with that. Our bodies are designed to want denser food at certain times or cyclically. This pasta has a raw sauce made from sprouted cashews, raw kale, raw garlic, raw onion, so you are getting powerful raw nutrients paired with the heavier pasta and white beans. Feel free to use gluten free pasta. I like quinoa pastas best.
Creamy Kale Pasta
4 cups bow tie pasta
1 cup dry white beans (soaked overnight), or 1 can of white beans if that’s better for you.
2 cups chopped kale
2 green onions
1 cup soaked cashews
1/2 cup olive oil
2-4 garlic cloves
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
juice of 1 lemon
1/2 cup water
See video to learn preparation.
As always, keep shining bright,
Dr. Blythe
Pregnant, or a parent of a baby or toddler? You can’t miss SuperFoods For Super Babies and Toddlers. The first foods we give our children make a powerful difference in the preferences they will have.  Start your child on a path of life long vibrant health.

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DIY Chocolate Honey Salt Scrub

July 25, 2017
When faced with a diagnosis, or anytime you are trying to detoxify your body and life, it’s important to look at what you are putting on your skin.
If you don’t want to put it in your mouth, you don’t want to put it on your skin. Our skin is absorbing everything we put on it right into our blood stream.
The personal care industry uses over 80,000 chemical ingredients. 60,000 of these have not been properly tested.  The chemistry of these ingredients may be brilliant for what they are designed to do; preserve the product for a long shelf life, make the product foam, make the product smell pleasing, make the product cheaper to produce. Often times, personal care products are not created with the awareness that each ingredient will make it’s way into the users blood stream.
A truly clean and healthful life has no room for such toxins.
Making your own skin scrubs is so super inexpensive, fun, and nutritionally beneficial not only to the skin, but to our entire systems. The kids love to make them too.
This Chocolate Honey Salt Scrub uses fresh organic cacao powder, raw honey and sea salt to make an extraordinary, aromatic, nourishing treat for your body.
Cacao is high in skin building minerals like magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, and vitamins E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B9. It’s like taking a supplement through your skin care, and the more you do it, the more you will benefit.
Enjoy this treat.
As always, with love, light and green drinks,
Dr. Blythe

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July 10, 2017
Prime Day is today and tomorrow on Amazon! We wanted you to be the first to know that we will be offering promotions on Amazon.
This once-a-year event is an exciting opportunity to get some great deals on fantastic products from Blythe Natural Living and all across Amazon.
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Also find Healthy Recipes In 5, The 5 disk healthy food course giving you all you need to know to make quick, easy, nutrient dense meals for you and your family. Good food IS medicine.
As always, take great care of yourself today, and every day.
Dr. Blythe


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Brussels Sprouts & Bok Choy Salad

July 10, 2017


I LOVE the summer time. I love the cuisine of summer. Light. Fresh. Colorful.
Brussels sprouts and bok choy are some of my favorite greens to eat raw.
It’s amazing how the right cut on a vegetable can be the difference between whether you enjoy eating it raw or not.
With brussels and bok choy it’s all about the shave:)
I’ve had so many people tell me they never thought they would eat raw brussels sprouts until they tried one of my recipes.
Enjoy this quick, tasty, and nutrient dense recipe to make meal time a breeze this summer.
With love, light, and green drinks,
Dr. Blythe

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Lets Test Your Saliva

June 28, 2017
Header-pH-Alkaline-Health…or better yet, your urine, with a pH strip from the drug store.
Alkalization!  The 4th protocol in the 4 Protocols For Healing series:
Get yourself some PH strips from the nearest drugstore, or order them online.
Does the strip read more yellow or orange showing your body is acidic? Or, is it more blue, showing your body is alkaline?
Those wonderful, inexpensive pH strips are a helpful tool in seeing where we are at.
We want a perfect balance. We don’t want to be acidic, nor do we want to be too alkaline. We want the perfect green color around 7.0. Is it any wonder eating greens keeps us in the green zone.
Our diet and lifestyle largely create our pH balance. Stress and anger actually create an acidic environment, as does most animal products, along with coffee, alcohol, and sugar.
This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our morning French press. I certainly do. But, it does mean we have to be aware of our acidic intake so we can balance it.
Here are a few ways to alkalize the body:
1) Eating large, fresh green salads and fruit is an excellent way to dose the body with alkaline energy. All fruits and vegetables are alkaline, even those citrus foods we swear are acidic (they actually read in the body as alkaline). Start munching red and orange bell pepper, cucumber, jicama, and radishes instead of crackers or chips. Switch to almond, coconut, or hemp milk. Or better yet, freshly blended cashew milk. (cashews and cold water, blended, say 1/4 cup cashews to 2 cups water, drop of honey). Simple changes make a big difference.
2) You may want to take 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda in 10-oz of water daily, at least once. You can drink this three times a day if need be. Squeeze fresh lemon into it if you like. I like to drink this with warm water, as it tastes a bit like a broth this way.
3) Get some chlorophyll drops and take those daily in water. Chlorophyll is heavenly for the body and our cells love this stuff. You can buy liquid chlorophyll at any health food store or online. It has basically no taste, but is bright green, indicating it’s rich phytonutrient content. It’s a great “cheater” food to take if you know you haven’t eaten enough greens. It’s an awesome accelerator food when you have eaten a great amount of greens but want an accelerated boost of phytonutrients.
Enjoy these easy to implement suggestions for bringing your body into a state of grace where it can heal itself of anything. After all, you are the most brilliant technology on this planet at the moment. The dragon fly, butterfly, and sea dragon boggle the mind in their extraordinary destinies. Did you know a dragon fly lives on the bottom of a pond or body of water for 2-3 years before crawling out on land to shed it’s exoskeleton and take flight.  Extraordinary. Imagine what your destiny is. Aligning with thriving health is apart of it. Take flight!
To Your Health,
Dr. Blythe
For much more healthy happy living tips and suggestions visit Blythe Natural Living
I’ll be demonstrating my MoisturEyes™ invention at this gathering in Los Angeles:
Essential Oils & Other
Beauty Secrets for Summer
Sun July 9th, 2017 – 12:30-2:30pm

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​​​​​​​See you there!

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Only 24 hours left to get Healthy Recipes in 5 for just $49. It will return to $350.

June 18, 2017


How we eat determines the quality of our lives. YES, it is that big of a deal. BUT, eating for thriving health is actually quite tasty and easy.
It’s not about taking things away, it’s about adding in the vibrant foods. The rest takes care of itself.
You’ll see!
Instead of settling in with your favorite dairy ice cream while you watch a movie at night, try my easy three ingredient ice cream made from bananas, raw cacao powder, and almond milk,  (it take 3 minutes to make and I’m telling you it tastes just as good), or substitute out the cacao powder for strawberries, peaches, or your favorite fruit.
It’s small changes like this that will make a huge difference in health.
(Remember,  the nature of dairy is to turn a 10 lb calf into an 80 lb cow in 8 weeks, so dairy is great if you want to put on weight, but most of us don’t. Also, dairy by nature has hormones because it is the breast milk of a cow, so regardless of whether dairy is organic or not, it still has innate hormones that contribute to misalignment in the human body) Our hormonal balance is a delicate symphony, we feel it when we are out of tune).
Take the guess work out. Let me show you EXACTLY HOW and WHAT to eat,  I promise I make it QUICK and EASY.
 Get fabulous 5-minute LIVING FOOD recipes in my Healthy Recipes In 5 course for every meal of the day, snacks and deserts.
DON’T MISS OUT!  Digital access or DVDs available.
Are you, or someone you know, feeding an infant?
Your baby, like any of us, doesn’t want to eat jarred food that was prepared who knows when, maybe 6 months ago. You will find that feeding your baby freshly prepared foods, (that only takes a minute) will render meal time much easier and more successful. PLUS, it will put them on a path for enjoying these foods their entire life.
You will see how much my baby loves eating kale, okra, fresh pumpkin, bok choy, spaghetti squash, and lots of others nutrient rich foods. YOURS WILL TOO!
If you don’t have a baby, please share this page with someone you know who has an infant. It can make a huge difference in the well-being of the child.
As always, I’m sending you big love. Have an amazing weekend. Drink your green drinks!
Dr. Blythe
1114 Robertson Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90038

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Sweet Potato Burgers In 10

June 15, 2017

BNLsweetpotatoburger copy

Sending you light and hoping this finds you very well. Centered. Knowing you can create thriving health in your body, mind and spirit.
I interrupt the 4 Protocols of Healing to give you a fun and tasty recipe, so you can practice all that you have learned about detoxifying the body, building the immune system and oxygenating the body.
This recipe is YUMMY, simple, and very rich with power plant foods. It’s a cooked sweet potato burger, so it’s dense and satisfying. Detoxifying your body is never about starving. It’s about healing. The plant kingdom really is up to something.

Love you!
Dr. B
Healthy Recipes In 5, 5 disk DVD course or digital course is available now for the biggest discount ever to get you feeling fly for the summer! Check it out!
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Oxygen, The Primary Nutrient Of LIFE

June 13, 2017
Oxygenation: The Third Protocol of Healing
I have a friend who was diagnosed with a lung disease and was given an Oxygen tank. When I saw her three months into her Oxygen treatment, I thought she looked at least 10 years younger. If Oxygen was improving her appearance, it must be improving all the activities of the body like liver function, digestion, endocrine function, cell regeneration, and much more because these are the functions that contribute to glowing skin and eyes. What an extraordinary observation. And yes, her lung disease went away.
Now I know why I feel so good when I get out to the Sierras…OXYGEN in richer quality and quantity than I experience in the city of Los Angeles. Oxygen bars were a fad for a quick spell, but flavoring and coloring Oxygen isn’t really what people need or want.
Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers are catching on now finally in the cancer community. Otto Warburg, a German doctor, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his research proving that cancer cells use a form of non-oxygen metabolism to survive. Oxygen provides far less fuel for cancer cells than glucose (only two energy molecules instead of 36 with sugar). Therefore, filling your body with more Oxygen is a smart and safe method to fight cancer. However, it’s not a profitable one. This is because Oxygen is clearly forever present in our atmosphere and our medical system is first-and-foremost a revenue seeking enterprise, and cancer is a gold mine.
Oxygen is curing cancer all over the place, and if it can do that, then think how it can affect your energy level, appetite, sex drive, mood, weight, and a myriad of other imbalances that require life’s richest nutrient to flourish.
I say it all the time… When we give our bodies what they need to self-heal, they will. We are extraordinary self-healing technology, but basic nutrients are required for optimal operation.
The easiest and most available way to douse yourself in Oxygen is to go outside for a nice walk, hike, or bike ride. Walking briskly pumps Oxygen through the bloodstream, bringing rich, new Oxygen to joints and organs. Let’s never underestimate the power of a good walk. I recommend at least a 30-minute walk daily. Morning sunlight is great for us too, giving us that dose of vitamin D, which is required to absorb the other nutrients we take in with food. But, get out there any time of day you can.
Breathe deeply as you walk, consciously taking in Oxygen to every cell of your body.
Enjoy the wonderful, free, powerful nutrient of life that we are swimming in.
For those that need an extra level of Oxygen treatment, research Hyperbaric Oxygen Centers in your area.
I also find Stabilized Liquid Oxygen to be quite powerful. Always use any liquid Oxygen product as directed.
To Your Health,
Dr. Blythe
Looking to brighten your glow?  MoisturEyes™ is the ANYTIME cucumber eye treatment. Reduce puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and dark circles! Learn More.

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